HGH is responsible for regenerates cells and stimulates growth, including that of the brain and other vital organs. The body only produces about 5 nanograms/milliliter in an adult male. Children and adolescents have higher levels in their growing years. Levels of HGH drop off sharply beginning in the early 20s. During childbearing years, healthy females can produce nearly twice as much HGH as adult males. It is important to know the natural levels of HGH in the body to use it safely for sports. Safe use of somatropin sale product does so in a way that it raises HGH levels, but not too much above the levels produced by the body naturally during the most vital and youthful years.

One of the most important factors regarding taking HGH safely is to take it as directed by the manufacturer, or by your physician. Many times people think that if a little bit will help them improve, then increasing the dose on their own will help them grow even bigger faster, but this can be dangerous.

Massive doses of HGH can cause unusual side effects such as limbs growing massively large, or organs enlarging. This can cause a severe and dangerous health condition. It is also important to get a checkup before beginning HGH because it can exacerbate some existing diseases. For instance, those with heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure, or who have certain hormonal imbalances should not take HGH. Therefore, it is important to know if you have any of these conditions before beginning HGH. If you do have one of these conditions, then you should make sure to inform your doctor that you plan on taking HGH so that these conditions can be monitored to prevent serious side effects from developing. Some people that have taken HGH also developed course dark hair over parts of their body. Bones may thicken and lengthen in certain parts of the body too. In some men, HGH has caused breasts to develop. Usually, this is associated with taking more than the prescribed recommended dosage.

People who have certain types of tumors or cancers are not recommended to take HGH because it can cause the tumors to grow. People with certain severe breathing difficulties should also not take HGH. People with multiple injuries are also recommended not to use HGH. However, for the athlete, these types of health conditions should not be problematic. Therefore, if you are thinking about taking HGH to enhance sports performance, unless you have a known health condition, there is no reason why you should not. Following a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and seeking medical advice should always be a part of one’s health regimen when taking HGH. When taken as directed, HGH can help a person develop larger muscles, have more energy, and improve stamina.