Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormonal compound that is naturally produced by the body in its youth. Sports professionals and other health advocates often use HGH along with steroids to improve athletic performance and to help them build muscle. HGH helps to regulate body composition, bodily fluids, bone growth, build muscles, and plays a role in heart function. Before beginning to use HGH many people wonder if there are any side effects.

Some people do experience side effects when they start taking HGH. The side effects can include nerve, muscle, or joint pain. Some people experience swelling in body tissues. It has also been known to raise cholesterol levels and cause some numbness and tingling on the surface of the skin. Some people attribute the development of carpal tunnel syndrome to the use of HGH. These types of complications with HGH are rare. Some people also experience headaches.

The most frequent complication with HGH use is a rise in blood sugar and fluid retention. However, when people do not use HGH in amounts that are recommended and decide to take more than prescribed by their physicians or by the manufacturer, they can develop rare conditions. These rare conditions include the development of big feet or oversized organs. The liver is the most common organ enlarged by excessive HGH levels, but the heart can also be enlarged. It must be emphasized that these types of reactions do not occur under normal usage and when taken as directed. It requires a massive dose of HGH to cause these side effects.

Most side effects from HGH are a result of not following the physician’s directions or taking more than is recommended by the manufacturer. This can cause HGH levels to rise too high and can cause the side effects listed here. Some people may have higher than normal, natural levels of HGH. For these people, it is recommended that a lower dosage is taken to avoid side effects. For the majority of individuals who take HGH as directed, they can expect to experience no side effects, or if they do the side effects will be minor. If side effects do develop, often lowering the HGH dosage will reduce or eliminate them. The key is to balance the HGH levels to the person’s naturally produced hormones. Serious side effects are rare when HGH is taken as directed to enhance sports performance or to improve one’s overall health. Proper monitoring of adverse events and overall health can help keep side effects to a minimum.